Useful Information


Wounded game:
An animal is considered wounded if the animal is not found but there is blood seen at the site by the hunter and the designated hunting leader. The hunting guest pays half of the trophy fee until the animal is found. The hunting leader will search for the animal if the hunting guest. If the animal is found then the hunting guest is given a trophy.

Hunting Regulations:
  - Each hunter must comply with the provisions of the Hungarian hunting rights. In this agreement, any damage
    to an animal or property is the hunter's responsibility.
 - Shots fired by the hunter will occur only after clear instruction. If the hunter is told not to shoot and chooses to    do otherwise, he/she will pay the cost of the damages.
 - Any behaviour that is found to be unacceptable by the designated hunting leader is grounds to terminate the    hunting tour; the hunting guest is responsible for paying for the entire tour, even if it is terminated early.

Hunting no guarantee
The TREFFA Kft. makes no guarantee that the reserved hunt will be successful.

Transport the trophies:
The TREFFA company may keep the trophies until they are fully paid.

Recommended equipment :

1.   Lightweight travel clothes for flying, travel
2.   Leisure suits, shorts, pajama
3.   Heavy denim trousers
4.   2 strong long-sleeved shirts for hunting
5.   Strong canvas (not padded), sand or khaki colored hunting vest
6.   Warm polar fleece sweater & pants
7.   polar cap, wide-brimmed hat, gloves
8.   2 pcs  T-shirts and 3 pcs underwear, two pairs of cotton socks
9.  swimming suit, beach gear
10. (warm) coat made of strong material

1.  Lightweight shoes or sandals (to travel, to fly)
2.  Comfortable shoes for leisure excursions
3.  Half-light rubber-soled boots
4.  Thong sandals

Other personal items
1.  Sunglasses, sunscreen (min.10-12 UV factor), lip balm,  hidratant cream
2.  Sanitary, shaving kit, needle, thread, sewing needles, clamp removal.
3.  Spare glasses
4.  Personal medications, glucose.
5.  Kleenex
6.  Lightweight shoulder bag or backpack, preferably canvas.
7.  Camera with storage to record 1000 images,
     - Charging Cables
     - Video camera with spare batteries, charger, 10 hours of film.
8.  Pen, notebook, spare flashlight batteries.
9.  Mobile Phones

Documents, records:
1.   Passport  and a valid visa.
2.   Flight tickets and departure point information.