General Contract Conditions

TREFFA Kft. is not a tour operator, but a company that makes contracts between Hungarian hunting territories.

1.1 The hunting guest signs a contract with TREFFA Kft. and thereby gives permission to the representative of the company to establish contracts between different Hungarian hunting territories.
1.2 In addition, the representative is also authorized to provide other necessary services, such as hotel reservations and airport transfers.

The hunting guest is required to notify the TREFFA Kft. company in writing about his/her request, and the company in turn provides the guest with a hunting contract. This document includes the desired game to be hunted, the possibilities of desired trophies, the time/date/place of the excursion, the accommodations, etc.

The reservation becomes authorized when the hunting guest signs the contract and returns it to TREFFA Kft. along with the required fees.

The TREFFA Kft. does not guarantee that the hunting guest will shoot his/her desired animal with the desired trophy. However, TREFFA Kft. will provide quality services and will ensure that they operate in favour of the hunting guest.

After the hunting contract is made, TREFFA Kft. will send the following documents:

  • Firearm importing licence

  • Invitation letter, which includes details about the hunting excursions

TREFFA Kft. will provide the hunter with the required hunting licence and the shooting authorization, which details what animals can be hunted during that time. Both documents will be received upon arrival to the hunting territory.

The hunting guest pays for all bagged animals and services used during the excursion. This information will be recorded in the hunting and shooting lists. The hunting guest will sign the list prepared by TREFFA Kft.

All complaints and unsuccessful shootings will be recorded on the shooting lists. It is the hunting guest’s responsibility to inform TREFFA Kft. about his/her concerns so that the company can find solutions and provide a pleasurable hunt and stay for its guests.

The basis of the financial invoice has to occur 24 hours after the trophy preparation. On the shooting list, the size and weight of the trophy will be documented. The hunting guest will agree to the documented trophy appraisal before leaving the country.

In case of concerns of the hunting guest, a trophy judgement committee will make a decision about the trophy weight and size; this information will also be recorded on the shooting list.

The settling of accounts (payment) can occur in person on the hunting territory or through a bank transfer. The payment needs to be in EUR and the previously paid deposit will be deducted from the final price.

Unfortunately, at this time TREFFA Kft. does not accept bank card payments.

TREFFA Kft. is a partner of UNIQA Insurance Zrt. When the hunting guest receives his/her hunting licence, he/she also receives hunting liability insurance. The price is included in the hunting licence fee.

Upon special request, TREFFA Kft. can also provide the following insurances:

  • Health insurance

  • Luggage insurance

  • Accident insurance

The trophy appraisal is done on the hunting territory. If a hunter would like to take the trophy with him/her while travelling, he/she needs to allot extra time for the trophy appraisal process as it does not take place each day.

TREFFA Kft. is liable for the following services:

  • Preparation & organization of hunting territories

  • The services requested by the hunter

The TREFFA Kft. will try its best to meet the hunting guests’ requests and provide a pleasurable time during the excursion. However, the company does not guarantee the shooting success of the hunt.

The hunting guest needs to notify TREFFA Kft. about his/her concerns. If the company does not find solution, please document this occurrence on the shooting list. The company is unable to accept any concerns or problems after the hunting excursions if they are not documented on the shooting list. It is the hunting guest’s responsibility to notify the company about his/her concerns up to two (2) weeks after the trip.