1. How can you bring a hunting gun onto Hungarian territory?

There are two (2) possibilities when transporting a firearm:
     1.1 If one does not have an EU firearm passport the following must be done:

  • Obtain an invitation letter from our company that indicates your firearm type, calibre, number, ammunition number.

  • You will need to purchase revenue stamp for 3000 HUF  at the border. It is a good idea to also convert 3000 HUF at this time because exchange int he safety zone of  the airport is not always possible

  • You can buy the firearm importing licence after you show your passport and pick up your luggage. You must go through the red corridor to purchase this. In case of travelling by car the declaration must be made after passport control.

  • Your firearm importing licence must be kept and placed in a safe location. Before the hunter leaves the country, this licence must be returned at the border. This licence verifies that the hunter imported his/her own firearm into the country and is now leaving Hungarian land. If this licence is not returned, the Hungarian Customs authoritiy will initiate the official proceedings.

     1.2 If one does have an EU firearm passport, the following must be done:

  • Obtain an invitation letter from our company

  • EU firearm passport and a form of ID, such as a passport.
        *A firearm importing licence is not needed.*

According to current legislation in Hungary, a shot gun can only be used to hunt small game. Wild boar is an exception as it can also be hunted using a shotgun.

2. What is needed for a Hungarian hunting licence?

Every hunter must obtain a Hungarian hunting licence that will be provided by our company. For the issuing of this licence the following documents are needed

  • passport number

  • firearm licence from the home country

  • EU firearm passport number

We ask that these required documents be sent to our office using the"Reply page"on this website.

At the same time of obtaining a hunting licence, our company  will also obtain hunting liability insurance for all our hunters. The price of the insurance is included in the hunting licence price.

3. How are the expenses calculated after a hunt?

After a hunt, the bagged animals and the  services used will be listed in the shooting invoice. This invoice is completed after the hunt together  the hunting territory representative and the hunter. Their agreement will be validated by their signatures.

The final invoice of the hunting tour will be based on the shooting invoice. When the hunters receive the final invoice, they will also receive all of the export documents, which include EU veterinary documentation and the trophy appraisal sheet.

At this time the hunter will be able to legally take his/her trophies outside of Hungary.

4. Can firearms be rented in Hungary?

According to the Hungarian Hunting Law, all hunters can only use their own firearms to hunt.

5. What happens to the meat of killed animals?

The hunting guest is only entitled to the trophy of the bagged animal, not the meat. The meat of the bagged animals belong to the representative of the hunting tour company. If the hunting guest would like  the meat of the bagged animals an extra price must be paid.

6. Can hunters use their own hunting dogs on Hungarian hunting excursions?

It is legal to use  hunting dogs during a hunting tour; however, the hunters need to inform the hunting representative ahead of time. It is very important that our company is notified of this request in advance, so the necessary arrangements can be made.

7. How can trophies be taken out of Hungary?

To export trophies from Hungary, hunters are required to have the following documents:

  • Settled shooting invoice

  • Trophy judgement sheet

  • Customs declaration

If the hunter resides in a country that is not in the EU, he/she also needs a veterinary certificate signed by a certified veterinarian. The veterinary certificate will be provided by TREFFA Kft.