Nestled in the northwest corner of Lake Balaton, on the edge of the Tapolca Basin, and within the captivating woodlands of Bakonyalja, stretches the Uzsa Hunting Ground, covering an expanse of approximately 10,000 hectares. This region is a haven for a diverse array of deer species, including roe deer, fallow deer, and notably exceptional stags. The rich tapestry of wildlife finds sanctuary here, making the Uzsa Hunting Ground a true haven for hunters. Whether engaging in stag hunting or pursuing fallow deer, the hunting experiences are characterized by unforgettable splendor, providing each hunter with unmatched moments. The frosty embrace of the winter months ushers in an electrifying ambiance for wild boar hunting.

  • average trophy: 70 cm
  • outstanding trophy: 78 cm
  • hunting area: 10 000 ha