The hunting area of Pálháza is located about 60 km east of the city of Miskolc in the Zemplén Mountains (a medium-high mountain range), near the Slovakian border. It spans over 7,000 hectares. Annually, this area approves the hunting of 15 red deer, 35 female deer (does, red deer calves), 3 mouflon rams, around 3 mouflon ewes and lambs, as well as approximately 80-100 wild boar and 20 roe deer. The antlers of the red deer are impressive but relatively light, weighing between 5-9 kg. A notable feature of the region is the purebred wild boar population, including well-developed boars with healthy, splendid tusks, often measuring 20 cm in length.

  • average trophy: 70 cm
  • outstanding trophy: 81,5 cm
  • hunting area: 7 000 ha