The hunting area of Gödöllő Forestry extends near Galgamácsa, Kálló, and Acsa in the southern part of the Cserhát Mountains and the northern part of the Gödöllő Mountains. The forest cover of the area is 9,700 hectares, spanning 63% of the region. The predominant tree species are oak, hornbeam, and white acacia. Within the hunting grounds, there are two enclosed areas measuring 460 and 280 hectares, offering rich hunting opportunities for wild boar. There is also a high-quality deer population, with a roe deer population that exhibits moderate quality. Hunting can be carried out individually or in groups, including stand hunting, individual stalking, roe deer hunting, and driven hunts.

  • average trophy: 72 cm
  • outstanding trophy: 90 cm
  • hunting area: 9 700 ha