The hunting area Gerecse managed by Forestry covers an area of 8,300 hectares and is centered in Vértestolna in the western part of the Gerecse Mountains. It also extends over the 3,000-hectare area of Körtvélyes-Síkvölgy-Nagyegyháza in the Vértes Mountains. Compared to the Vértestolna hunting area, which has a forest cover of 70%, its high yet sustainable population (900 wild animals) is evidence of its above-average capacity for wildlife management. The area is home to one of the best red deer herds in the Gerecse Mountains, and the mouflon population is also valuable. The wild boar population is good, the fallow deer population is weak, but it's an interesting spot for fauna.

  • average trophy: 70 cm
  • outstanding trophy: 89 cm
  • hunting area: 8 600 ha