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Similar to other countries in Europe, wild boar is the most widespread game in Hungary. More than 50% of the wild boar population is found in west Hungary; around 3% live in the mountainous areas of the north and less than 5% on the plains to the east of the Danube.

The largest wild boar populations are found in the forested mountainous areas or in the hilly countryside. It is possible to hunt wild boar throughout the year; however, farrowing and lactating sows cannot be hunted from the first of February until the end of May.
Ideally, hunting by stalking takes place on winter nights with full moon and snow. In the autumn and winter months hunters can combine hunts for red deer and wild-boar. Big boars can be found in wooded areas where other large populations of wild boars live.

Forested areas are recommended for drive hunts, although this environment requires the hunter to have experience and knowledge of the specific area.
Many forested areas have fenced areas for wild boars (200 acres and up) to help hunters lure them in for a successful hunt.
Please be advised that bookings for wild boar drive hunts should be made as soon as possible, as these hunts require a long time to prepare.