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Red stags live throughout the mountain ranges; however, the best trophies are taken in the southern part of the country where there are hilly and flat areas. The hills in the north offer stags with trophy weights up to 7-8 kilograms.

Usually the first days of September mark the rutting season; its high time is from the 10-15th of September. Following this period, huge stag’s give place to the younger males and provide a greater chance to shoot a smaller deer.

Big and prize-winner trophies are harvested in Somogy, Zala, Baranya counties, but quite regularly great antlers are bagged in the northern parts of the country.

Hunters who cannot make their trip during the rutting may also hunt from November to January.The hunting methods are stalking, shooting from hiding or high stand, and shooting from horse-drawn carriage or sledge.

Hunting seasons

game species hunting seasons recomended hunting period
red stag 01. September - 31. Oktober 08 - 25 September
scull stage 01. September - 31. January November - January
hind, jinnock, calf 01. September - 28. February  

International credit

170-189,9 CIC bronze ca. 7 kg
190-209,9 CIC silver ca. 8-9 kg
ab 210 CIC gold ca. 10-11 kg

The best red deer trophes from Hungary

Nr. area year weight (kg) CIC points position hungarian record list position world record list
1. Karapancsa 1986 14,50 271,00 1. 3.
2. Pusztakovácsi 1981 14,00 269,89 2. 6.
3. Lábod 2001 16,81 265,67 3. 7.
4. Vörösalma 2002 14,05 263,88 4. 8.
5. Kerecseny 2000 13,98 263,30 5. 9.
6. Szentpéterfölde 1992 14,70 261,29 6. 12.