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The mouflon (Ovis aries orientalis group) is a subspecies group of the wild sheep (Ovis aries). The mouflon is thought to be one of the two ancestors for all modern domestic sheep breeds.

Mouflons are not indigenous to Hungary. Here, they were first naturalized at the end of 18th century by Count Forgách, to the mountainous regions of the north of the country.

Their habitats are steep mountainous woods near the tree line. In winter they migrate to lower altitudes. In Hungary the best stocks live in Mátra, Bükk, Pilis, Bakony and Zemplen mountains. Due to the efforts made by specialists, mouflons can be spotted almost everywhere in the hilly regions. The usual way of mouflon hunting is stalking; therefore, it requires good physical condition from hunters wishing to stalk down a mouflon. If requested, ATVs and horse carriages can be used for hunting. The high season is in November and December.  A Moufflon hunt can also be perfectly combined with a deer and a wild boar hunt.

Hunting seasons

game species hunting season recomended hunting period
mouflon ram 01. September - 28. February 20. Oktober - 20. November
ewe, lamb 01. September - 28. February  

Internationai credit

185-194,9 CIC bronze ca 70 cm
195-204,9 CIC silver ca 75 cm
ab 205 CIC gold ca 80 cm

The best mouflon trophies from Hungary

Nr. hunting area year size (cm) CIC points position hungarian record list position world record list
1. Bajna 2004 97,95 240,75 1. 2.
2. Vásárosnamény 2001 10,3,3 234,70 2. 32.
3. Telki 1986 97,60 233,80 3. 40.
4. Bajna 1991 96,00 232,60 4. 47.
5. Tarnalelesz 1986 97,00 229,10 5.