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Welcome to Hungary, home of the world record trophies! Hungary is 'THE' destination in Europe for trophy world record fallow deer. World record fallow deer have been taken many times in the past and there are undoubtedly more to come. The first and the second current record trophies were bagged in the forests of Gúth, east of the Great Hungarian Plain.

The world’s largest population of fallow deer is in Hungary, in the town of Gyulaj, found in the wooded and hilly areas south of Lake Balaton. Annually, about 250-300 fallow bucks are shot out of a population of more than 3,000!
There are also large populations of fallow deer in the hunting areas along the eastern borders of Hungary and in Somogy County.
The ideal time to hunt for fallow bucks is during the rutting in mid-October. Cull bucks are hunted from November to January, but it is recommended that at least four full hunting days are booked in order to maximize opportunities.
The average weight of the bucks antlers is between 2-3,5 kg, obviously it is also possible to arrange hunts for big fallow bucks, with trophies exceeding 4 kg, in areas managed by our  partners. Stalking is the most effective method to hunt fallow deer although it requires great patience, which is in most cases rewarded with an unforgettable experience and possibly a new record trophy!

Hunting seasons

game specises hunting season recomended hunting period
fallow buck 01. Oktober - 31. December 08 - 28 Oktober
cull buck 01. Oktober - 31. January  
fallow doe, pickets, sister 01 Oktober - 28. February  

International credit

160-169,9 CIC bronze ca 3,3 kg
170-179,9 CIC silver ca 3,8 kg
ab 180 CIC gold ca 4,0 kg

The best fallow deer trophies from Hungary

Nr. hunting area year weight (kg) CIC points position hungarian record list position world record list
1. Guth 2002 5,43 237,63 1. 1.
2. Guth 1991 6,40 233,11 2. 2.
3. Guth 2009 4,76 224,01 3. 6.
4. Szakcs 2001 5,35 223,19 4. 7.
5. Gyulaj 1972 4,44 220,31 5. 8.
6. Budakeszi 2004 4,40 219,64 6. 9.